Alana Robinson

Art Director

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When Alana was 13 years old, she started turning ideas into graphic concepts. And she hasn’t stopped.  

She loves when visions turn into great design, websites and interactions. For Alana, creativity is the seed and success is the tree.  

Alana graduated from Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) in 2013 with a degree in creative advertising and then was the school’s Division of Learning Innovation communications + design manager for nearly three years, developing skills in print, digital and web design, along with marketing and social media campaigns.

Alana is a Richmond native and loves the city after watching it develop and transform throughout her life.

Her innovative mind doesn’t stop working when she leaves the office. Alana crafts custom blends of tea flavors – try the Tahitian Vanilla Rose if you ever have the chance – and is a half-elf sorceress every Thursday for Dungeons & Dragons night. Graphic novels and comics are essential reading. She’s a foodie, too, and strives to experience all of RVA’s best brunches.