Greg Caple

Digital Media Strategist

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Greg has a creative side and a strategic side. That’s why Greg and marketing are a solid match.  

The Annapolis, Md., native and University of Richmond graduate likes using his imagination to solve problems and believes in identifying multiple paths to success. 

Greg’s attitude is easygoing, but when it comes to hitting deadlines and meeting challenges, he’s focused and resolute. His talents for writing, organization and communications fit his role at CRA – supporting the media team, tracking project details and arranging schedules. And he’s a fan of working with social media, because “it’s so fluid and instant.” 

Greg likes to adopt difficult-to-learn hobbies. He chose to produce music, and he’s been blending orchestral pieces with classic rock and hip hop. He’s an avid traveler, too, and has been to Austria, Hungary and Slovakia.