Rawffice Move

Posted 02 20

Conference Room

Charles Ryan Associates is proud to announce that its Richmond Office, or Rawffice as the staff calls it, has moved into a space that truly embraces the spirit of CRA. Located in Shockoe Center on the corner of 19th and East Franklin Streets — the space has a rich history. Since its construction in 1853, the building has served as a tobacco factory, Civil War hospital and Federal troop barracks. It now houses a communications firm with a history spanning four decades.

“When we first looked at the space, it was nice but very normal — and we are not normal,” said Managing Partner and Principal, Caryn Foster Durham. “We saw the potential for what the space could become and knew that we could turn it into something amazing.”

CRA partnered with contractors and architects through Plus Management, the interior designers at Dial Meyers Design and the sales staff of American Office to optimize the space. “I think that perfectly demonstrates the way we operate as a team,” said Caryn, “We see potential, we set goals and we work with our clients and partners to get results. This space is truly the embodiment of that philosophy.”

These pictures show just how drastically the space was changed, but we love company! So come visit us at 1900 East Franklin Street and let us show you around.

Conference Room


Work Stations

Conference Room Inside


Presentation Room


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