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Richmond Office Wins Big in 2015 Food Drive Challenge

Posted 12 21

CRA's Richmond office dominated this year's Food Drive Challenge, collecting 2,033 pounds of food compared to the Charleston office's 355 pounds. 
The Challenge is an annual, (somewhat) friendly competition between the two offices, and Richmond will have bragging rights for the next year.

Most importantly, Charleston's donations will help stock the shelves at Union Mission, and Richmond's donations will support FeedMore. 

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Richmond's Food Drive Challenge Lead Grows

Posted 12 17

As this year's Food Drive Challenge approaches its final day, CRA's Richmond office is way ahead of Charleston's. RVA has collected more than 607 pounds of food, while CWV has collected more than 110. 

The two offices have been celebrating the holidays with a (sort of) friendly competition to see who can donate the most food to respective food banks. Charleston's donations will stock the shelves at Union Mission, and Richmond's will support FeedMore

The Challenge runs through Friday, Dec. 18.

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