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Knowing When To Kill The QR Code

Posted 07 18

QR Code

Quick Response (QR) codes, a technology that's been around since 1994, became a notorious fad a couple years ago with the rise of smartphones, and spawned more than a few agency/client conversations. QR codes quickly became a cliché of the marketing world. While some of us cringe at the thought, QR codes (if used correctly) can be tremendously successful in reaching targeted groups of consumers.

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And, It’s Time…Why Persistence Pays

Posted 06 11

Persistence Pays Off

It’s 1986 – Ronald Reagan is president, We are the World wins a Grammy for “Song of the Year” and Virginia passes a historic transportation funding increase. Nearly 20 years later, Virginia is still funding its transportation system at 1986 levels and due to higher construction costs, a growing population and increased travel, we are facing a crisis.

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Placing your brand in an intern's hands

Posted 05 27

Social Media Intern

It’s almost time for summer interns to descend upon offices throughout the country. They’re young, enthusiastic active on social networks you didn’t know existed—seemingly perfect to take on a company’s social media role, right?


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