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Story Time with CRA Film

Posted 07 08

CRA Film went behind bars for one of its latest projects. 

We worked with A Story Told to produce the music video for "All of You," from the Charleston, W.Va., band's debut album, "Keep Watch."

Frontman Alex Chaney said CRA Film took the band's vision and "ran with it."

"The best part of working with CRA was the balance of professionalism and simply having fun," he said. "Going into the shoot, I didn't feel uncomfortable at all based on the preparation and the consistent communication I had with CRA. The actual day of the shoot was organized and was a blast."

Check out the video.
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Tweets Are Getting Roomier

Posted 05 25

Twitter is the planet’s largest conversation, and the social media giant has parameters to keep tweets short and sweet. The 140-character limit has become standard in the linguistic lexicon. 

Over the next few months, though, Twitter’s giving us a little more space to share our thoughts. 

Certain elements that have always taken from the character count no longer will – meaning tweets can be longer. 

All this means individual users, organizations and companies will be able to fit more information into a message.
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Instagram Hits the Switch

Posted 02 15

Switching between Instagram accounts hasn’t exactly been instant. 

But that’s changed. 

Instagram this month released a new feature allowing users to switch between as many as five accounts on iOS and Android apps. 

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