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Tweets Are Getting Roomier

Posted 05 25

Twitter is the planet’s largest conversation, and the social media giant has parameters to keep tweets short and sweet. The 140-character limit has become standard in the linguistic lexicon. 

Over the next few months, though, Twitter’s giving us a little more space to share our thoughts. 

Certain elements that have always taken from the character count no longer will – meaning tweets can be longer. 

All this means individual users, organizations and companies will be able to fit more information into a message.
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Instagram Hits the Switch

Posted 02 15

Switching between Instagram accounts hasn’t exactly been instant. 

But that’s changed. 

Instagram this month released a new feature allowing users to switch between as many as five accounts on iOS and Android apps. 

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Twitter Polling Could Become Marketing Tool

Posted 10 22

Twitter is rolling out a polling function, offering users a way to tap into the collective knowledge of the Twitterverse. 

The new option will appear in the tweet-composing interface.  

Many polls surely will ask lighter questions, such as, "Are dogs better than cats?" But this also could be an effective marketing tool. 

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