We must warn you - we’re not a normal communications firm. We have an insatiable appetite for this business. Each of our experts is abnormally qualified – possessing talent, skills and determination that set us apart. You might say we are obsessed with what we do, which makes us extremely committed to our clients and the tasks at hand.

We lose sleep making sure our clients don’t have to. Our solutions are backed by years of proven experience and fueled by our endless devotion to our clients - and of course lots of coffee!

We are excited and prepared to give you the exceptional. We immerse ourselves in the intricacies of your business practices, cultures, goals, relationships and challenges to determine strategies that will work best for you.

Brand communications strategy is at our core. We offer a blend of marketing disciplines including advertising, public relations, interactive services, crisis communications, research and social media approaches that garner real-time results.

We follow the traditional rules…sometimes. But we aren’t afraid of the unorthodox approaches either, challenging the rules when we must. So no, CRA is not a normal communications firm. There is a method to our madness, or you could say our madness is our method. Our recommendations are an eclectic blend of disciplines that will create, position and communicate your brand efficiently and effectively, setting it apart from the rest.

We’ll be normal tomorrow. You need us to be different today.