Danny Forinash

Senior Account Executive

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With a background in journalism and communications, Danny has observed lots of angles to marketing and branding. He also loves writing and has solid organizational skills, which work well for the client.

And it doesn’t stop when he leaves the office. He’ll plan a murder mystery every now and then. And he manages teams in a wide array of intramural (or “professional,” as Danny says) sports. His volleyball squad, the Volley Llamas, is one of the most feared teams in the Eastern U.S. He takes credit for teaching the game to his stepdaughter, Jordan, who plays hitter at the University of Charleston. (She claims, to the contrary, he’s taught her nothing of use.) And his ultimate team, Flick Dirty, is the current league champion.

Okay, before you start doubting Danny’s abilities as a professional … He spent six years with the State Journal as writer and copy editor before moving on to the Charleston Area Alliance, where he served as communications manager for the economic and community development organization. He then headed communications for the West Virginia State Tax Department before rejoining the private sector with CRA.

Danny loves reading, good TV and movies, along with supporting plethora of sports teams, including his beloved WVU Mountaineers (he’s an alum). His wife Michelle is awesome and ensures he makes good choices while not at work.