Doris Hernandez

Executive Assistant

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Doris is CRA’s Executive Assistant in the Charleston office. And she’s good. Need an office supply? No worries. She’ll find it. Need lunch ordered at the last minute for an important meeting? Don’t sweat. She’ll have it delivered in 10 minutes. Stressing about a big project? Never fear, Doris is here, and that’s a small sample of the many reasons why we love her!

Doris is helpful, knows her stuff and is always willing to help. When she isn’t saving the day or putting the final touches on a big project to ensure it’s just right, she can be found doing some pretty fun things (in fact, several folks say the way to spell fun is D.o.r.i.s.). Doris loves to spend time with her husband and mom, play darts and sing – especially to Matt Isner. Maybe if you’re lucky she’ll sing for you!