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CRA Partners with EducationSuperHighway on New Video

Aug 02, 2018

EducationSuperHighway (ESH) is the leading nonprofit organization focused on upgrading Internet access in public schools across America. ESH partnered with CRA to create an impactful video to address the urgent need for better, unified broadband Internet access across the U.S., particularly in our public school systems.

Our schools rank 27th in math, 17th in reading, 20th in science and 16th in technological readiness compared to those in other developed nations. More than 6 million students still need to be connected, and more than 9,000 schools don’t have the bandwidth they need. It’s time to close the connectivity gap.

The video featured children from grades K-12 explaining why high-speed broadband access is critical to their future and the learning process. CRA Film utilized several indoor and outdoor locations around Charleston, W.Va., including Mary C. Snow West Side Elementary School and the Roosevelt Community Center.

This year, the video received an honorable mention at the Public Relations Society of America – West Virginia Crystal Awards.

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