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The Charleston Dirty Birds

Jul 21, 2022

Sometimes a project comes along that allows the CRA Film team to really celebrate something special—in this case, our first hometown of Charleston, West Virginia.

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Communications Prep in the Age of Communications Haze

Jun 29, 2022

We believe improving as a speaker and as a presenter in this very hazy era of communications–thanks to Covid-19–means practicing and preparing for a growing list of potential settings.

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VCCS New Horizons

Jun 17, 2022

The Virginia Community College System oversees a network of 23 community colleges across the commonwealth, making learning opportunities more available to all.

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Where Does it Hurt?

May 01, 2022

Every well-planned path to improvement starts with a diagnosis. You need to know where the problem or pain points are to address them. But when it comes to marketing and communications, many organizations aren’t sure exactly what they need in order to get where they want to go.

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Old Enough to Fight, Old Enough to Vote

Mar 10, 2022

CRA Film was honored to partner with the West Virginia Secretary of State's Office on "Old Enough to Fight, Old Enough to Vote," a short film about WV Sen. Jennings Randolph and his decades-long fight to pass the 26th Amendment, which guarantees citizens 18 or older the right to vote.

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Supporting RBH's Homeless Services This Holiday Season

Dec 21, 2021

This year we were happy to continue our partnership with Richmond Behavioral Health Authority, which promotes health, wellness, and recovery for individuals and communities throughout the City of Richmond. RBH provides services for mental health, intellectual disabilities, and substance use disorder and prevention, in addition to aid for our homeless population.

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