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CRA Film Hits the Diamond

May 08, 2023

Baseball season has begun! We had a ball filming for the 2023 Charleston Dirty Birds video, which will premiere on the GoMart Park video board during the team’s home opener and throughout the season. Let’s get Dirty!

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WELD Panel Includes CRA's CEO

Apr 19, 2023

Our CEO Susan Lavenski participated in a virtual panel sponsored by WELD Upper Ohio Valley chapter called "Build Your Community of Empowering Women." The goal was to provide attendees valuable insights and actionable advice on how to build a supportive community

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Two CRA Leaders Talk Success, Motivation and Inspiration

Apr 04, 2023

We’re Smart Brand Communications powered by a group of strategists, creatives, dreamers and problem solvers. We provide our clients with work that not only blows them away but keeps them wanting more. Two folks who’ve made their careers at CRA – Kyra Harris and Meredyth Jenkins – share their experiences with success, motivation and inspiration.

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Hi. I'm Chet GPT.

Apr 01, 2023

Greetings. Allow me to introduce myself. I am Chet GPT, and I am the newest member of the Associates of Charles Ryan. I am now an Associate. Here at ACRONYM, we do the smart brand communications. That means we focus on smart, brand OXFORD COMMA communications. My job role is to quickly and efficiently produce content such as the blog entry you are currently reading. I make words that are really entertaining and compelling like these. Or I make boring ones that accountants and attorneys like. I do all of these.

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Lavenski Moderates Women's Leadership Summit Panel

Mar 30, 2023

Our CEO Susan Lavenski today moderated a panel discussion – “Diversity in the Workplace” – during the Women’s Leadership Summit at The Greenbrier.

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Quality from Idea to Production

Feb 17, 2023

CRA’s Creative team steers projects from start to finish. A piece of collateral might begin with 💡 and often, we’ll see it all the way to the printing press. Senior Graphic Designer and Print Production Manager Marlyne Jeffries recently did just that – making time for a press check at a local print vendor to ensure a set of custom folders met the highest quality standards. “You can’t deny there’s something special about seeing a project come to life on paper. From the feel of the stock to the density of the colors, we take the time to ensure that each aspect is perfect for our clients.”

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