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CRA Rebrands Merger Insurance Company, Encova

Jul 12, 2019

West Virginia-based BrickStreet Mutual Insurance Co. Inc., and Ohio-based Motorists Mutual Insurance Co. Inc., formed an affiliation in 2017 through a joint venture. BrickStreet was a monoline workers’ compensation insurer and Motorists Insurance was a business, property/casualty, auto and life insurer.

CRA has been the agency of record for BrickStreet Insurance since 2006 and assumed the role as the agency of record for Motorists when the merger took place. Two companies coming together need a unified brand to stand behind in the minds of customers, agent partners, associates and the public. The rebranding process began in 2017, culminating with the launch of Encova Insurance July 12, 2019.

The companies together created a super-regional carrier ranked in the top 20 mutual insurance companies in the United States, writing in 28 states and the District of Columbia with premiums in excess of $1 billion.

CRA built the strategy and assisted the internal corporate communications team to inform associates, agencies and agency staff, policyholders, vendors, claimants, the public, and the community of the name change/brand launch. A secondary goal was to create excitement while assuring the company’s strength and stability. Several campaigns were designed for the different audiences: 1) To ensure policyholders of continued excellent service. 2) To share materials with agencies and their teams to help them share the news with their clients. 3) To quell fears of business leaders that neither company was disappearing, only moving forward together. 4) To share internal changes and updates due to name change/brand launch with associates.

CRA and the internal team will continue to work together through 2020 to update marketing materials, building signage and other projects to reflect the new brand. Advertising campaigns will build upon the launch and build awareness of the companies coming together under one brand, one name.

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