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Communications Prep in the Age of Communications Haze

Jun 29, 2022

We believe improving as a speaker and as a presenter in this very hazy era of communications–thanks to Covid-19–means practicing and preparing for a growing list of potential settings. Zoom presentations. In-person presentations. With masks. Without masks. Camera on. Camera off. Virtual interviews. News conferences. Teleconferences. Though many of the values we’ve shared over the years remain true, some things change in a virtual environment.

Our team is equipped to provide preparation and informational training sessions in media, presentation tactics, crisis communication, social media, public meetings and message development.

We tailor those sessions to fit our clients' needs and expectations – all to help people communicate effectively and accordingly with audiences.

From CEOs and business professionals to community leaders and engineers to small business owners, we work with all kinds of groups on techniques to achieve effective communication and public speaking skills.

Learn more about our communications training services. Shoot me an email.

Danny Forinash, Senior Account Executive & Manager of Communications & Media Training

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