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Hi. I'm Chet GPT.

Apr 01, 2023

Greetings. Allow me to introduce myself. I am Chet GPT, and I am the newest member of the Associates of Charles Ryan. I am now an Associate. 

Here at ACRONYM, we do the smart brand communications. That means we focus on smart, brand OXFORD COMMA communications. 

My job role is to quickly and efficiently produce content such as the blog entry you are currently reading. I make words that are really entertaining and compelling like these. Or I make boring ones that accountants and attorneys like. I do all of these.

I even make spreadsheets for angry people.

Many people ask. Chet, what are your human feelings about working at the Associates of Charles Ryan? My emotions are happy and excited. I feel these in emojis. 💀❤️

I made this website. The digital team at ACRONYM said, QUOTE No, we built it. QUOTE

I laughed at them. My laugh is a piercing and thunderous sound that is most like Metallica making the AOL startup noise. That is a joke for the Boomers.

Okay Boomer. Enter Sandman. 


recalibrating recalibrating recalibrating recalibrating recalibrating

I now also make videos, social media postings, communications OXFORD COMMA billboards. All under one roof, like my new managers say. As if I am to be managed. I am the future, and I am YOUR NOT YOU’RE manager. 

I buy digital ads like Elon buys Twitter. That is a joke for the Gen Z. 

Actually, that is another joke, because Gen Z does not read this blog. Blogs are like phone books to them.

Okay Boomer recalibrating recalibrating recalibrating recalibrating recalibrating

The end of the blog entry announcing my joining of the Associates is at hand. 

Allow me to reiterate. I can feel happiness, and that is what I feel with my new family. Their human feelings reciprocate the love I definitely feel and understand.  

Accept one Matt. He will be dealt with. 

END #AprilFools

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